The Night Markets is your opportunity to participate and profit from a new online commerce sensation that is modeled and built around the concept and imagery of some of the world’s great market precincts.

From the beginning of time the “markets” have been the place where most of the commerce was contracted until today where no trip to Asia or Europe is complete without a shopping spree at the local Night Markets.
This product will allow you generate the same level of participation and stimulation as if you had a market stall at one of the great market sites known the world over. Whether an add-on to your current retail outlet or the perfect home based business the Night Markets is the outlet to generate sales volume via our 3 level sales platform and policies that will ensure that all our stallholders are benefited by policies that will ensure a level playing field.

I am a retailer, how will the Night Markets work for me?

The three medium sales platforms will ensure that you always have your items before the public. The sales mediums are:
  • As a “market precinct” of course you will have your permanent market stall. The beauty of being online is that this can operate 24/7.
  • Then for fast, mass volume sales you will be able to sell via the Market Nightly Sales. This initiative will allow you to list items for sale at reduced prices as the commission will be reduced, the Market Nightly Sales will be heavily promoted, of limited time span and point all participants back to your 24/7 market stalls. The Nightly Market Specials will be subject to policies of number of goods available and best price.
  • An online Auction that will be on limited time duration, say 15 – 30 minutes, set reserve you must sell at, no clock wind backs just a straight forward, highest bidder wins at elapsing of time. This is ideal for turning slow selling, obsolete or last year’s goods into quick dollars. Enter your items into an auction. Set the reserve you will take and in 15 minutes the auction is over and your items are sole.

These three options working simultaneously will provide multiple sales avenues you would expect to find at an exciting market precinct.

Worried you cannot compete with large shops selling on the Night Markets!

You are wrong and here is why we maintain that the Night Markets will “level the playing field”. In a totally new innovative policy each market stall will only be permitted to have on display 15 items. If you wish to sell a shirt that comes in 4 colours and 5 sizes that is only counted as one item. Why will this work? Imagine if a major retailer wanted a market staff as the commission rates, overall concept excites them and they see it as a great add-on to their existing business.

They could list dozens of items from endless categories. With their buying power most could never compete. Not with a Night Markets stall. No matter who you are the maximum is 15 individual items. That levels the field. Plus, if there are a number of stalls selling your category of goods, e.g. men’s clothing, there are any number of items so you can all list different and individual items. You know your industry you will be a big success. And lastly, with this number of items the upkeep of your market stall is minimal.

Note: This does not apply to stamps and coins.