Pricing and Commission

To open your Night Markets 24/7 Market stall is free. By opening your stall you also have free access to both the Nightly Specials Sales and the Auction Platform.

There are no costs incurred until you make a sale. No listing, image fees in the norma course of running a Night Markets Stall, participating in the Markets Nightly Special or Auctions. There will only be commissions on items sold. The Commissions are:

  • Your 24/7 Market Stall attracts 8% Commission of Sales with no other costs incurred in setting up your Markets Stall.
  • Should you have items that satisfy the requirements for inclusion in the Night Specials sales platform the commission on these sales is 7%. The reduction in Commission is to encourage retailers to reduce prices on these items to make these sales very attractive and bring buyers to the site for the benefit of all the Markets retailers. For an item to qualify in the Nightly Specials it will need to be of a Sales value of a minimum of $20.00 and a Minimum number of at least 25. Should a retailer wish to sell as Nightly Specials a product that is expensive, for eg greater than $100 the requirement on the number of items for sale can be reduced by discussion.
  • Auctions: As with your 24/7 Market Stall the sales commission on the Auction platform with be 8%

Stock for your Stalls

Many of you will have avenues to stock from suppliers, manufacturers or your own efforts. To those who want to explore what is available in China we have an excellent arrangement with a well know business in Queensland who will be only too happy to discuss your needs and supply you at great prices. In the early days we are aware that no one wants to accrue large or any inventory of stocks. To assist in the early days of your business we will do everything possible to not purchase stock until you have made sales. That way you will not be out of pocket and while you can advertise goods they will not be ordered until you have made a sale and been paid for it.