To demonstrate how easy it is to open a Night Markets Stall our staff will set up and number of stalls, stock them with a number of suitable items and start making sales and then we will simply give the business away. That’s correct, register on out site and you will be inline to take over a Night Markets stall that is set up and already making sales.

By entering the following details in the area provided you could be operating your own profitable Night Markets Stall in no time. You will be able to select your own stock from the sources available and then utilise the Markets Nightly Specials and the Markets Auction Pavilion. This could be the perfect second “job” and something that can involve the whole family. To become eligible to take over one of these sites all you will need to input into the designated are on the Night Markets site is:

1. Your email address so we can contact you , plus;
2. What category of Night Markets Stall do you prefer eg Clothing, Kitchen, Garden etc.

This will be your change to enter the exciting world of the Night Markets